Graduate Student Applicant Openings

Dr. Elhai typically accepts one first-year clinical psychology graduate student into his Research Lab each year. Students applying to the University of Toledo's Clinical Psychology Ph.D. program interested in working in the Lab should contact Dr. Elhai via email to inquire about possible lab involvement (phone/in-person discussion would happen only upon interview invitation). 

Graduate students who work with Dr. Elhai begin involvement in scientific research with the Lab during their first semester of graduate work. They assist with ongoing research conducted within the Lab. In conjunction with Dr. Elhai, over their four to five years of graduate study, they develop and execute a master's thesis and doctoral dissertation. And they conduct additional scientific studies for presentation at international conferences and publication in scientific journals with Dr. Elhai. There are also opportunities to work in the Anxiety and Stress Lab, with which Dr. Elhai is affiliated. 

Graduate students should be: a) highly motivated and interested in collaborating on high-quality scientific research and publishing the results, b) interested in a research area that is related to one or more of Dr. Elhai's research objectives, and c) energetic and productive in collaborating on research. Substantial preference is given to students who are interested in academic/research careers, who prefer to obtain mentoring for a career in research; students interested in primarily clinical practice careers will probably not enjoy working in the Lab given its major emphasis and expectations for conducting scientific research.

For students considering applying to work with Dr. Elhai, who are not familiar with Toledo, some information about the City of Toledo is available. 

Undergraduate Student Applicant Openings

Dr. Elhai accepts undergraduate students to work in his research lab. To apply, contact Dr. Elhai via email. Make sure to provide some information about yourself, including your University of Toledo Rocket ID number (if you have one), and your academic experience.