(Just for fun). I have a few personal interests. 

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I like coffee. I brew coffee most often with an Aeropress, or a Bodum French Press; sometimes with a Hario V60. I use a Capresso coffee bean grinder, Bonavita water kettle, and a Hario coffee scale. I order coffee beans primarily from Coffeemaria, Intelligentsia, and La Colombe. I often experiment with blending different varietals of beans, to create various blends. I also spend a good amount of time in coffee shops - especially shops that brew pour-over coffee. In Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan, my favorite places are: Mighty Good Coffee, Brew ToledoBleakhouse Coffee, and Rustbelt Coffee. In other parts of the country, I like Intelligentsia, Artifact, and La Colombe

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I'm also a tech geek. I equipped most of my house with home automation products, including an interface with IFTTT. I'm an Apple fan. I advocate for digital rights and privacy and am a member of EFF; I am particularly interested in the use of secure electronic messaging (e.g., TOR, PGP encryption, and self-destructing messaging). Some of the tech-related blogs I follow are Lifehacker, Neatorama, The Awesomer, and Boing Boing. I love podcasts (especially technology-related podcasts), such as Note to Self, On the Media, Reply All, Invisibilia, Cortex, Hello Internet, and Planet Money. I also conduct research on the impact of computer technology on human behavior

I also enjoy experimenting with productivity and time management methods. Here are my tips in my blog post, which is part of the This is How I Work in Science blog series.

I have two kids and my wife who I spend a lot of time with.