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FAQ: I get these questions a lot. Is yours among them?

Reprint and Psychological Scale Requests

  • Q: How can I obtain a research reprint of yours? A: Click here.

  • Q: How can I obtain an "in press", research pre-print of yours? A: Use the form below.

  • Q: How do I obtain a psychological scale mentioned in one of your research papers? A: If I developed the scale myself, use the form below to request a copy of the scale. I am unable to provide copies of psychological scales developed by other researchers.

Questions from Students

  • Q: I am interested in applying to graduate school to work you. What information should I know? A: Click here.

  • Q: I'm a student in one of your courses. Where do I find course information/the syllabus? A: Click here.

  • Q: I'm a student in or near Toledo. How can I become involved in your research? A: Click here.

  • Q: I would like to interview you, for an assignment in a university course Iā€™m taking. A: I am not able to dedicate time to interviews at this time.


  • Q: Are you accepting patients for treatment? A: No - I am not involved in clinical practice.

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